A performance piece about female sexuality and the tremendous range of possibilities and states of being that lies therein.


Please come see us at one+ of the following shows, we can't wait to share, party, and connect with all you blessed humyns out there!


3/4 Brooklyn, NYDaya Yoga Studio / 8PM

3/8 Philadelphia, PASpace 2033 / 7PM

3/9 Durham, NC Duke Coffeehouse / 8PM

3/10 Asheville, NCFirestorm Cafe+Books / 7PM

3/11 Atlanta, GAMurmur Gallery / 7PM

3/12 Atlanta, GAEyedrum Gallery / 7PM

3/14 Memphis, TNGlitch Gallery / 7PM

3/16 New Orleans, LAMudlark Public Theatre7PM

3/20 Baton Rouge, LAArts Council / 7PM

3/22 Tulsa, OKTBD



3/25 Denton, TX / Jared's House! / 8PM

3/26 Austin, TX / Museum of Human Achivement / 7PM

3/27 Los Angeles, CA / Werk / 8PM

3/29 Santa Barbara, CA / TBD

3/30 San Franciso, CA / Piano Fight8PM

4/3 Portland, OR / Clinton Street Theater / 8PM

4/4 Olympia, WATBD

4/5 Olympia WA / TBD

"We believe that as human beings raised in a patriarchal, sexually repressive culture, there is a tremendous amount of unlearning required in order to actually connect, in a shame-free way, with our own bodies, needs, and desires. This applies to all genders and orientations, as we have all received a mountain ofmessages from the media, our families, our hometowns, andour lineages regarding what it means to be sexy, sexual, desirable, healthy, and "normal". Because of this, we must carefully identify and remove the hooks and blocks that keep us from knowing and celebrating ourselves and each other. 

A performance art piece (30min),  created with an incredibly brave and open cast with which it debuted at Bushwick Open Studios in June 2015. 

WARM WOMEN serves as a window into the female sexual experience, in no way covering the myriad bases and perspectives, but representing potent moments along the spectrum. By sharing and embodying our experiences with movement, humor, candor, and intense vulnerability our goal is to help people feel connected, supported, and encouraged to listen to and honor themselves, their bodies, and each other. And to remember that “sexy” is not an image, a product, or idea that can be bought or sold, but rather, something that comes from listening to and following our own sensations and needs.


Sexy Is What

Feels Good

"It is my goal to develop it into a full evening-length piece over the next two years, and in the process work with womyn of different ages, races, and body types, including those not originally female assigned. I would like to eventually publish this work so that it may be performed by all kinds of womyn everywhere."


~Sussannah Simpson

Susannah Simpson
Helen Gutowski
Rebecca Nagy
Laura Ornella
Madeline Sachs