chelsea 'pearl' laterza

Listening and understanding are the methods I use to cater to specific needs of each individual.

I have prioritized travel to study the anthropology of hairdressing and relevant, regional cultures.

Curating hairstyles that range from enhancing soft, natural looks with subtle, complimenting hair-color.

Liberating and providing appropriate technique for curly and very curly hair

Tailored, angular and barbered haircuts.

Urban style, bright colors, vintage looks, braids and wearable blowouts.

Effortless to high maintenance, weird to normal-

with emphasis on natural hair & skin health as well as environmental sustainability.

13 years experience · 1 year barbering · 3 years new york city

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Greenspace Salon Colorist|Salt Lake City, UT

Book Online   Haircuts and hair color, short and long hair styling. Curly hair cutting and styling. Perms, Upstyles, Braids and Blow Outs.

Barber & Barber in Residence | Stefahn's Barbershop, Salt Lake City, UT
Book Online  Fades, tapers, beard trim, hot towel shave, nose wax and all things barbering. Focus on clipper cuts.
Freelance Hairstylist |Salt Lake City, UT

Photo work, fashion, runway, editorial, commercial, film, television and theater. Reservations for on-site styling and haircuts. Price List

Freelance Hairstylist | Brooklyn & Manhattan, NY  2015 - 2017

Photo work, fashion, runway, editorial, commercial, film, television and theater. Reservations for on-site styling and haircuts. Price List

Stylist | Self Salon Bushwick, Brooklyn   2015 - 2017

Salon stylist, focus on the hair cut and styling. All textures and styles.           Curls, barbering, very short, very long. Just a trim to drastic changes.

Independent Stylist | King’s Road Salon Collective

Salt Lake City, UT  2013 - 2015

Independent stylist providing clients with current hairstyles, styling, education and product knowledge.

Master Stylist | Lunatic Fringe Salons

Salt Lake City, UT  2007-2013

High End skilled coloring, cutting and styling services for a variety of people and personalities. Fast paced, constant multi-tasking with a large and talented team of stylists and assistants. Mastered and refined my styling skills with many thanks to the Lunatic Fringe Team. Participated in numerous editorial and commercial work. Awarded N.A.H.A. : Salon Team


• Received North American Hairstylist Award: Salon Team 2012

• Began as an Assistant, evolved to Master Stylist.

• Completed a dense variety of continued industry education.

Gallery Curator | Doma Gallery Show 2017

Interior Design | 167 Harman Street

Tour Roadie | Bass Player | West & Midwest U.S.  2014

Catering Staff | Blended Table Catering | Salt Lake City, UT 2013 - 2014 

Bartender Barback Cook | San Pedro, Guatemala 2013

Interior Design | 168 Herbert Avenue

Reception Coordinator | Centered City Yoga | Salt Lake City 2012 - 2014

Spanish Language School | San Pedro, Guatemala 2013

Interior Design | Wild Animal House 2008

Production Assistant | Tong Media | Salt Lake City, UT 2005 - 2006

Student | Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School | Salt Lake City, UT 2004 - 2005

Manager | Cosmoprof Professional Beauty Supply | Ogden, UT 2001- 2005

Student Web Designer | Multimedia Design Tech College | Ogden, UT 2001-2002