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Hello Molly, the scientist genius. We've created a pink bob, baby bangs and currently, a sky blue shag.

Molly has an incredible character and her hair story now expresses her personality.

We started with a blurry photo of a sexy lady with a faded purple mullet. Molly says "Mullet", I say "Shag". Flipping the world upside down we broke away from the confines and angles of Molly's box bob and added a lot of fun movement and space within the new layers. Bye bye boxes!

The dreamy sky blue was made possible by pre-lightening to a pale shade of blonde. I always make sure the blonde hair color is perfect and beautiful for when my clients grow tired of the maintenance and upkeep of playful, nontraditional hair color. Revealing a beautiful blonde hair color underneath all the direct dye, I suppose it also depends on the shade of the dye. Molly's beautiful sky blue is the result of Molly, Molly's many colorful housemates and a DIY blue hair color beauty night. Which I strongly encourage.


Natural Level 6/7 Virgin Hair

Schwarzkopf IGORA Royal Highlift 12-11 Special Blonde Cendre / 40 Volume 1:1

Schwarzkopf Professional Vario Blond Super Plus Powder

Diluted Sparks Blue Direct Dye

Step One:

Pre-lightened with Schwarzkopf IGORA Royal Highlift 12-11 Special Blonde Cendre and 40 Volume.

Roots to ends. Process 45-60 minutes.

TIP: I prefer using highlift colors whenever possible during a double process to encourage a more unique tone. I feel that using lightener for a double process leaves the hair with a more flat tone and is more damaging to hair that is naturally very light, level 7 and up.

Step Two:

Balayage/Paint with 40 volume lightener, mid-ends. Painting with the lightener will add more dimension and make the fantasy colors stand out. The color will be brighter in the areas you painted, I focus around the face and crown. Process to desired level, Level 10/11/12 Pale Yellow

Step Three

Apply the direct dye, in this case blue! Molly diluted the blue with a cream conditioner until she saw the desired shade of blue she wanted. Apply to clean dry hair for the best result. Process 15-20 minutes.

If you are looking for a true blue, take into account the warm golden tones of the hair and if you would like to neutralize this tone so your blue will be less green. Molly embraced that golden hue, her result... a beautiful aquamarine blue!


PHOTOGRAPHY: CARO @carolinamenendez_

MODEL: MOLLY @mollokat


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