On Site

I would be more than grateful to come to you on location. A haircut in the comfort of your own home, styling for you and a crew, on location photo work, film, catalog or theater.


Prices quoted based on travel time and services.

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In Salon

To maintain, change or transform your cut and style the salon is the best and most convenient place to find me. I would be happy to coordinate with you for the best reservation time. Book Now



Haircut Short                       $45

Haircut Long                        $85

Half Head Highlight            $110

Full Head Highlight             $140

Single Process                     $85

Double Process                   $180

Gloss                                     $65

Color Correction                 $85 Hourly





All Services include wash and style.

Haircut Short: Hair that is 6" or shorter, always above chin length. Requiring maintenance every 2-4 weeks. 


Haircut Long: Hair that is 6" or longer, at or below chin. Requiring maintenance every 4+ weeks.


Half Head Highlight: Lightening or darkening select pieces around the front hairline and part.


Full Head Highlight: Lightening or darkening select pieces around the entire hairline, interior and part.


Single Process: All over hair coloring with a single color.


Double Process: All over hair color with a tone.


Gloss: A color refresher or in between color maintenance.


Color Correction: Transformative color change including a combination of the color services listed above.

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