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The band, THE 8EUT1FUL5 hosts Electronic Doom Lounge, Sunday evenings at the Twilight Lounge.

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THE 8EAUT1FUL5 are Pearl, Josh Stippich and David Payne , combining into a super group from their solo careers as Twinbee, DJ Falchion B, and DJ Dai Ou Jou.


Other sonic projects include a 3 piece experimental rock band, The Red Bennies, which includes Pearl (bass), Nora (drums) and and Dave (theremin).THE 8EAUT1FUL5 song streaming available because of falchionB on all streaming platforms.

THE 8EUT1FUL5 themselves play improvised electronica on bass, synthesizers and loop pedals, reinterpreting over and over again original songs, cover songs, or songs from past musical projects. A special guest artist plays everything from live DJ loops, drones, and other far-out creative electronica to dance and film presentations.

Electronic Doom Lounge

Twilight Lounge (347 E 200 S), 9-1 am

Sunday evenings at Twilight Lounge, listen to your hosts the, 8EUT1FUL5 and other lounge electronica.

Wednesday evenings, Doom Lounge hosted by Jazz Jaguars and other guests.

Wednesday’s and Sundays, Doom Lounge or Electronica nights are a bastion for the outsider musician who can find nowhere else to play in Salt Lake City’s poor arts infrastructure and few nightlife venues a byproduct of strict alcohol laws.


The guidelines for guest artists are: 1. Feminism (no dude rock) 2. No soloists 3. Lounge sensitive When guest musicians and artists incorporate these attributes, THE 8EUT1FUL5 consider the night a great success.

Electronic Doom Lounge night hosts a variety of electronic instruments in original form or modified.

Key tar

Moog synthesizers Midi theremin Elektron Octatrack sampler Euro rack modules Cornet Mini sax

Bass Guitar

The, 8EUT1FUL5

Sunday Evenings, Twilight Lounge

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