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I can't agree on every thing and every song Brooke Candy has put out but I can get behind these tattoos and hair-dos. I am always the last to know but I never knew she existed as a person until the head got shaved! Always welcoming to see badass babes shout out to state injustices and patriarchal double-standards. Redefining femme.

Tattoos, Style

Impulsive, loud, get em where you can (and can't) see them. Do it yourself or get a friend. Be political, speak your mind, tell a story, support an artist.

That Fringe Tho

Blunt, forward, angled and reversed, micro, baby, bleached and gelled.

"Das Me"

"It's time to take the word back, Slut is now a compliment, a sexy ass female who running shit and confident. Lady who on top of it, a female with a sex-drive."

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