Winter Color Palette

In my endless searching and collecting for relevant designs I couldn't help but look for colors or items that really cooled things off these winter months. This is my first full winter season in New York City, through fall to spring. Although it has been Spring like weather this year in the city, there are still days of overcast and grey.

These new cloudy tones of winter's months are new to me. I lived in high alpine desert for ten years and in this mountainous desert the sun exists as much as the cold and I am accustomed to seeing some amount of warmth and depth in color if not at very least reflecting off white snow or rich evergreens.

As I commute through the streets of New York and Brooklyn in this cold weather season, I am noticing this tonal change in my environmental color pallete. Blasted by cold, snow, wind chill or rain I notice that light winter blue of the sky and can't help but appreciate that light, cool, sky-blue color only seen in winter.

I am loving the new variants I see in winter, with the city as my backdrop. Here are a few sourced and personally taken photos for this ashen seaons's inspiration.

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