Behind The Scenes with Beech Hall

It was a beautiful sunny morning arriving at the Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio of Beech Hall. I was fortunate enough to meet and style for the creative and talented founders that make up Beech Hall for their first joint collection. Beech Hall is Danielle Kroll (Ceramics), Bev Beaulieu (Jewelry) and Wade Keller (Soft Goods). Beech Hall comes from the dorm where the team first met. Deciding to start something creative but noticing the challenges of working alone it became clear to the group to team up, combine their skills and support each other.

With fellow artist Nic Annette Miller as my beautiful model and creative support from the Beech Hall team, I had everything I needed. I used a mix of Youngblood and Jane Iredale Cosmetics for my rich, Northern Africa inspired palette. Ready to begin I applied a saffron cat-eye with bronzed cheek bones. For Nic Annette's high pony I used R&Co Fifth Avenue Blow Out Balm to smooth, Jackpot Styling Cream to hold into place and Outer space Working Spray for polishing.

The day couldn't have gone any better and I look forward to seeing the catalog! Thanks again Beech Hall for your inclusion in this project. Forever grateful.

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